Mint Cold-Brew Latte


It has been gray for a record breaking number of days here in Northern Virginia, so I had to get a sunshine fix any way, any means possible. The mint/coffee fusion has been culling Instagram likes and off-shoots since cold-brew coffee became commonplace (if Starbucks is on it, you know it’s big). Yet I had never attempted an at-home version that didn’t make me wonder about pesticides, dirt, or residual “fake taste” as I like to call it. So this was my solution: use my standard cold brewing technique with a tea like fusion process for 1 round, keeping the taste subtle and no disintegrated leaf bits to be found.


Cold Brew How-To:

My mother has found the ultimate cold brew ratio for the strong coffee loving clan. This stuff is strong. Really strong. Like now I drink coffee from shops and ask if it’s tea. But that’s how we like it. I would suggest adding equal parts water or a ratio of coffee: water: milk, 1: ½ : ½ if you like a less strong cup.

What you need

  1. 2 glass pitchers
  2. Large filter cup
  3. Large dye-free paper filters
  4. Large dye-free tea bag
  5. 3 + 2 cups cold filtered water
  6. 1/3 pound coarsely ground coffee


  1. In a dye-free tea bag add 4 large sprigs of mint (at least 12 leaves). Set aside.
  2. In a large glass jar/pitcher add 1/3 pound coarsely ground coffee (about 1 2/3 cups), 3 cups cold filtered water, and the tea bag filled with mint.
  3. Set aside in a cool, non-sunny area of your home (some folks fridge it here, I leave mine out, if you know something I don’t about why that is awful please share).
  4. After 24 hours remove the tea bag and pour the separated coffee from the grounds over a filter into a large pitcher (save the grounds that stay in the filter!). Place those grounds BACK in the original jar, add 2 cups of cold filtered water this time for the second brew (no mint this round).
  5. After another 24 hours filter again, this time discarding the grounds. Add this to the first round.
  6. You’re done. Make a latte, take a sit: that was good work!


Wondering why the course grind? You want maximum absorption potential with the least likelihood of the grinds slipping through the final filtration. No gritty coffee thank you.

Note: Take a tip from Jon Taffer and smack the mint in the palm of one hand with the back of your other hand, this will release some of the oils without crushing the leaves (beauty and practicality). I include the shake-to-combine method here because I always find, unlike dairy based creamers, that non-dairy options just do not blend well when poured over.


Mint Cold-Brew Latte


  • 1 cup Mint cold brew concentrate
  • 3 tablespoons Califia farms half and half
  • 2 sprigs mint (4-6 large leaves)
  • Ice


  1. In your drinking class add mint and then ice (no mint to the face this way).
  2. In your mason jar vigorously shake cold brew and half/half to combine.
  3. Pour over ice and taste the joy.

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