October Link Lovin’


September was a blink and October wasn’t much different. I’m beginning to wonder whether this is just how time works outside of college?

Mushrooms → the new squash. Went to the market and got myself some wild ‘shrooms, spend $22 on new found fungi appreciation. I used them in a riff off of Love and Lemon’s creamy polenta with mushrooms.

Also acquired during said mushroom endeavor, GF egg-free cookies! Made with love by the Amish. Farmer’s markets really are the place to be.

These tacos! They were so good we made them twice in two weeks. From Real Simple, seared salmon tacos with sriracha “mayo” (used 50/50 sriracha and vegan Earth Balance – delicious!)


I had the chance to hear Michael Pollan (journalist + author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Botany of Desire, many others) speak this month. It was like going to a concert for food people. A sold out show! As he spoke he continued to prove how incredibly connected he is to the nuances of our relationship with nature, through food, on all levels. Pollan approaches the imbalances and the very serious issues presenting our global food climate without blame. He focuses on rational, reasonable actions for the food movement, the big messy confusing movement that it is. Still chewing on what he said: “Our most powerful engagement with nature happens on our plates.” How much more thoughtful can I be about the way I eat? How much more engaged can I be with the world that nourishes me?

Side note: He has published his recent forays into the world of psychedelics, specifically on psilocybin found in mushrooms, in a New Yorker article. Incredible, interesting read.

In one of my many lives I want to be Tracey Stewart and care for a sweet critter sanctuary. Mostly to be surrounded by goats and cows and piggies and give them the attention they deserve. Everything, even our “farm” animals, deserves to be known and to be loved. Thankful for the people who live this every day!

Have 5 minutes at your desk? Keep this little finger labyrinth near by. Meditation doesn’t need to be anything complicated, it just needs to be done.

I didn’t know until I read this, but I have been seriously missing out on my accessory potential. I could have been wearing a cute bean sprout or flower stalk on my head all this time! Sporting the painfully ironic, and Doctor Seuss in all his whimsy, trend is something I will have to patiently wait for.

An add that feels good? That doesn’t involve the Budweiser puppy shtick? Leave it to Barbie to at least move consumerism in a positive direction. Not mad about it one bit.

I like this article. Traveling isn’t in the cards for everyone: money, health conditions, temperament, you name it. But leaning into the experiences that challenge and leaning into the experiences that bring joy are available, no matter what or where. It can be too easy to write off growth when without the culturally accepted path, don’t miss that chance. This is something I have to remind myself every.single.day.

On that note: Need a reminder that you can “do anything good!”? That you are in general incredible? Let this little girl hype you up.

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