January Link Lovin’


I wish I A) had a home with a cute little kitchen and B) had a matching cute little house to hold cocktail parties in so I could serve dips like this one with punch like this one.

My #1 man David Foster Wallace made the cover of Newsweek, can’t wait to get my hands on the newly released Reader. Here’s the link to the accompanying article.

If you need a pick me up first watch this youtube video and then read about this dog

I really like the idea of short, consistent cleanses and am going to start incorporating them into my regular routine. This weekend number from My New Roots is just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s to hoping 2015 will be a year of prepped weekly meals and a well stocked freezer (the rapidly approaching move home inspires a new kind of cooking). Starting with this casserole like dish I made for Christmas dinner (added about 1.5 more cups veggies and less water, cooked for longer and topped with my own mix, basically adapted the heck out of it, maybe a post to come!) and have wanted every week since.

I love dried fruit as dessert, current favorites are Trader Joes dried cherries (the tart juicy kind), I think swapping out some fresh with dried would do a real number to these delicious looking bars!

January also marked the end of my first training experience – I ran my first half marathon! The next few months will be chaotic but I am continuously grateful for the time I spend out and on the road. But I am still struggling to find a new diet to match the energy output, expect some new additions over here as I try to find the right balance (probably a few more smoothies like this gem).

Ready to run to this new year with new energy, new love, and new light!


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