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This is my favorite Link Lovin’ ever. There is so much good in here: from whole grain cake (because #health) and tiny pigs with wheelchairs, it’s all good! Enjoy it.


Coconut macaroons, not the French macaroons. I loved this article on all the potentials, but they forgot an essential element (in my book) – the flour! A few tablespoons of all purpose flour goes a long way towards making the center of the macaroon feel substantive rather than stringy. Also adding a bit of lemon zest makes them truly Spring worthy!

Missing the taste of whole-grain, like rye and bran, in baked goods is something gluten-free/vegan home-baking (for the everyday cook) has yet to satisfy. In the beginning of my transition to this diet I kept tons of flours on had and used my own blends or those listed of upwards of five to six various kinds. It just wasn’t sustainable; so I largely use all purpose blends now. But this article and the delicious cake it features is a nice reminder that there are people out there working on how to bring back the taste, and the nutrition, of whole grain into gluten-free diets.

I have to make meatless meatballs one of these days!

Fancy water = fancy day.

I love to Spritz. Finding allergy-friendly Spritz components can be a bit of a challenge but nothing that a good google (or a good Pellegrino + wine) can’t handle.

New to Make Dinner Matter

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Grapefruit Margaritas
Kale Mango Smoothie



The College of Chinese Wisdom: How contemporary Western emphasis on self-discovery and self-acceptance have led us astray from the dynamic, messy, evolution of identity.

Pain is part of the experience of being alive: Krishna Das (a beautiful voice that carried me through many years of finals and paper writing) talks about how being present with pain, not running away or repeating our pasts is a natural part of life.

“…The alternative to hypocrisy isn’t moral purity (no one manages that), but cynicism. Give me hypocrisy any day.” George Monbiot

“How I deal with the unbearable hypocrisy of being an environmentalist:” Accepting the trial and frequent failure of practical environmentalism without turning towards defeatism.

Let’s lighten up already, goodness! Clean the kitchen, minus the fumes and potential bleach disasters.

Always nice to end with laughter, if this article doesn’t elicit at least a few spontaneous giggles you may need your funny bone checked.


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