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What’s the deal with this blog? There’s a new gluten free, every-kind-of-allergy free blog out there each minute, why did I decide to start mine? Make Dinner Matter was birthed out of a prescriptive diet, but it is not dictated by any allergy or lifestyle. It’s centered on the concept that food can be nutritious and significant under absolutely any circumstances. So the heart behind all this is to nurture liberation, from what seems like bondage, by offering allergen-friendly recipes and conversations that make us all a bit more connected to all that’s within and around us.


When I first learned what life was going to entail if I was really going to heal my whole self I was completely overwhelmed. I had never seen food as the cornerstone of socialization, but it is truly integral in every aspect of humanity. So to have my structure totally demolished? That meant I had a lot of rebuilding and a whole lot of renovating to do. My life is free from meat, gluten, cow’s lactose, chicken eggs, bananas, pineapples, refined sugar, and caffeine while I practice a rotation-esque diet for a variety of other foods. By constantly working to become connected to others with allergies, finding resources for creative meals, and to simply gaining access/understanding the foods I could eat I am able to truly live free. Now I consider myself the architect of my life, a statement anyone with complex health conditions, allergies, or chronic illness never takes for granted. I have to have a lifelong partnership with my body to be able to say those words, a partnership that thrives off of inspiration, community, and activism.

What you’ll find here


Keeping up a diverse, nutrient dense diet is hard under any circumstance, let alone if those circumstances are restricted (whether by choice or by genes). It can get boring, tedious, and seem not worth the effort. But Make Dinner Matter rejects that negativity, it is a reminder to fall back in love with the way food can make you feel and how it can go a long way in healing body and mind. This requires some Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or full throttle in control


This is never I journey I could walk alone, it takes the support of my family, friends, and bloggers/writers to keep me moving forward. You, or those you love, should never have to feel alone. Use Make Dinner Matter as the resource you need to move forward. Do you need to find a grain-free vegan birthday cake recipe by next week because you just found out another possible trigger for your ulcerative colitis? Let’s do it; I can search and we can tap into our community forums. Or do you want someone to connect with over the best sugar-free low acid coffee in your town? Let’s find it and post it! Choosing a lifestyle (or having one chosen for you) can either drag you down or offer you the opportunity to lift yourself up to the most optimal, thriving self you can be. Asking for help and assisting others is one of the most powerful ways to ensure you are liberated, rather than depleted, by your lifestyle.


The more I read, watch, and talk to others the more connected everything seems; from the soil lettuce is grown in, to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, to intestinal health, and how available fresh food is. I strongly believe that for our bodies and minds to be healthy we need a sustainable, humane food system that is in harmony with nature, but this can’t happen without the work of farmers, politicians, and most importantly conscious individuals. This blog will be a place to investigate these topics, whatever passions you may have, and the practical, achievable actions we can do to make a significant impact in our corner of the world.

I hope you embrace yourself, whatever your body needs, and those around you to join me in making dinner matter.

Extra important disclaimer

I am not a doctor or nutrition specialist of any kind, none of these posts have been reviewed by the FDA or any kind of judging body. So no action should be taken or medical advice ignored because of information read on this blog. I do not take responsibility for any action or results of any reader. Please seek medical help for any concerns.

All recipes, photos and articles, unless otherwise noted, are the original work of Make Dinner Matter and may not be copied or distributed without permission.

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